About CyanoAlert

CyanoAlert is a web based global service that automatically delivers up-to-date and historical water quality information based on analysis of satellite images, both user-specific information to paying customers and free and open information to the public.

The service offers information on cyanobacteria blooms, eutrophication (chlorophyll-a) and supplementary water quality products through its web portal, viewer and mobile app.

CyanoAlert is directed towards all people interested in the status of water bodies and monitoring of water quality. CyanoAlert is especially useful for those working for environmental authorities and in the commercial sector who are concerned by health risks and quality of water resources and in charge of activities for improvement. The general public who would like to avoid being affected by toxic algal blooms can also benefit from the CyanoAlert service and explore where it might unsafe or unpleasant to swim, go boating or walk the dog.

Customers can easily get an overview of water quality status, monitor changes, tailor actions and receive customized results and reports. Potential risks to livestock, fish and mollusc farming and aquatic ecosystems can be evaluated and alerts issued to responsible stakeholders.

Based on the service, on-going monitoring efforts can become significantly more effective. CyanoAlert gives you water quality information for entire water bodies on all cloud free days and helps you to more effectively plan where and when to take water samples for analysis. The service can add value and bring new knowledge to traditional field sampling efforts and put scarce field samples in to context. The service aims to increase the general awareness on the status of our waters by providing map alerts and information for free to the public and asking for their help to give feedback in real time via the app. The feedback will help to further improve the service.

CyanoAlert can help us all to change the way water quality is monitored around the globe to more efficiently address emergency, security and climate change concerns and support UN’s vision for a more sustainable future for all.

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